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11th Annual

Text and Social Analytics Summit 2013

Co-located with Customer Analytics Summit | June 5-6, 2013 | Le Meridian Hotel | Boston, MA

Unlock the potential of text and social data to improve customer insights and drive commercial success.

  • Get the technology right: discover how to identify and implement the best text analytics tools for your company's specific needs
  • Unified Information Access: Use text analytics to integrate unstructured and structured data for deeper, more accurate insights
  • Sentiment Analysis: One of the biggest ongoing issues standing between you and maximizing ROI from unstructured data. Find out the latest developments in this key area of text analytics.
  • Make the business case: Understand how to exceed expectations by aligning text and social analytics to your business goals
  • Maximizing Your Impact: How do you really get the most out of your text and social analytics initiatives? Hear success stories from companies that have made it pay
Industry thought leaders present their views:

Principal Scientist

Research Director, Search & Content Analytics
Emblem Health

Data Architect
Alta Plana

President & Principal Consultant

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Having an effective text and social analytics strategy in place allows you to understand your customers at a deeper level and make better business decisions. Actionable data is the lifeblood of a successful business, but it's useless to you if you cannot harvest and interpret effectively.

  • According to a recent survey of 446 data managers thirty-five percent of respondents say unstructured information has already surpassed or will surpass the volume of traditional relational data in the next 36 months
  • Sixty-two percent say this is inevitable within the next decade.
  • Today over 340 million tweets will be sent and over 1.5 billion search queries will be plugged into Twitter.
  • During the same 24 hour period Facebook will 500+ terabytes of new data to its databases.
  • 80% of all customer data is now unstructured and unless you have the right text and social analytics tools in place you are leaving this valuable resource untapped.

Extracting valuable insight from all of this data is the name of the game. Come learn from the top players in text and social analytics how to make the most out of your text analytics.

4 Reasons the Text & Social Analytics Summit is your MUST attend conference of 2013

  • Meet the Text & Social Analytics ecosystem: Network and discuss best practice with leading text analytics and data professionals, along with leading service providers from some of the hottest technology companies
  • Hear from over 25 world-class Text & Social Analytics speakers who will break down the most important industry subject matter in a relatable way to take back to your organization
  • Ensure you are getting a return on your investment: learn best practice case studies that will guarantee your customer's loyalty for the long term
  • Form lasting relationships with the growing text analytics and Customer Analytics communities to ensure you have the most comprehensive strategy that suits your business in place
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