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Sunday 15th June
Pre - Summit Workshops From 6 - 8 pm

Brand new to this years summit, Text Analytics News, is proud to present two pre summit workshops taking place the evening before the summit. Specifically designed for the end users of Text Analytics, this is your opportunity to learn from some of the industries leading experts as they take you through a comprehensive introduction to Text Analytics. Looking to implement Text Analytics solutions in your organization? Want to understand which Vendor and solution is right for me? Want to know the best strategies for implement ting a solution in your organization? Then this is a must attend session for you.

These workshops are only available when you purchase our full platinum pass HERE

Session1 - 5.00pm

Text Analytics for dummies

A  comprehensive introduction to text analytics from one of the industries leading experts

  • The business case for text analytics
  • Essential technical points
  • Best practices for getting started with text analytics

Seth Grimes, President, Alta Plana

Session 2 - 6.00pm

Marketplace Overview: Text Analytics Vendor Options

A comprehensive marketplace overview, taking you through the text analytics vendor options identifying the right option for you.

  • Which text analytics vendors to consider
  • Leading vendors' application specializations
  • Leading vendors' market and technical position

Nick Patience, Research director, information management, 451 Group

Clarabridge Workshop!

Clarabridge will also be hosting a workshop that will take place during the summit from 13.35- 14.35pm on Day 2, for information about this free workshop please click HERE

Day 1 | Day 2

DAY 1 - June 16


Chairman’s Welcome and Opening Speech


Text Technologies Enter The Mainstream

Summit chair Seth Grimes will present a look at text technologies as they move into the IT mainstream, assess the new application areas for text technologies, the demand for voice of the customer applications and the integration of text with other technologies, with key focus on:

  • Text Analytics for monitoring social networks and online media
  • Voice of the Customer and text analytics
  • The integration of text into the BI and predictive analytics stacks

Seth Grimes, President, Alta Plana


A Matter Of Opinion: KeyNote Session

  • Understand why user-generated reviews are a gold mine of product information and evaluate and how Sentiment detection is a key element in mining user-generated reviews
  • Evaluate The technologies behind opinion mining through A quick tour of sentiment detection techniques
  •  Discover how Microsoft Live search, collect, dissect and present opinions about products

Michael Gamon, Computational Linguistics Research, Microsoft


Leveraging Text Analytics To Improve Customer Service

  • Gaylord Hotels is well known throughout the hospitality and entertainment industries for its commitment to flawless services and willingness to put their customers’ interests first
  • Discover how Gaylord hotels used Text Analytics to uncover insights and drive additional value from hundreds of thousands of their text-based guest comments, meeting planner and employee satisfaction surveys
  • Hear how Text mining has helped Gaylord gain a greater understanding of their customers’ interests

Tony Bodoh, Gaylord Hotels


A European Issue: Securing A Prosperous Future Thanks To Text Analytics Technology

  • Obtain the very latest updates on the European Commissions text analytics funding programme – discover what it will mean for both developers – and – end users!
  • Analyze the key driving technologies behind European security applications and how you can harness the power of them today
  • European security update: understand the threats they face, the objectives that need to be met and the cutting edge solutions that are providing the answers

Alessandro Zanasi, Advisor, European CommissionSecurity Research


Facebook Lexicon: trends in Facebook's Semi-Public Forums

  • Explore Lexicon, a free tool that measures occurrences of words and phrases in the millions of Facebook Wall posts that are sent each day
  • Create interactive comparisons of up to five phrases over time with the unique Lexicon UI
  • Understand the chatter surrounding different buzzwords and brands among the Facebook audience, when spikes occur, and competitive comparisons

Roddy Lindsay, Data Scientist, Facebook


Morning Coffee break


Generating And Delivering Intelligent Information Through Text Analytics


- Understand why Deriving value from text analytics takes domain understanding and business acumen, as well as good models and algorithms

- Hear how the delivery platform can be easily integrated with editorial workflows and customer-facing applications

- Evaluate Thomson’s own UIMA-compliant platform which enables them to configure and train reusable components that deliver entity extraction and resolution "in a box"

Marc Light, Thomson Reuters


Text Analytics – Analyzing The Voice Of The Customer An End User Case Study


Understand how text analytics has transformed Intuits understanding of its customer for proven ROI

Discover how Intuit have moved from labor intensive manual categorization to automatic categorization of a larger set of data

Understand the advantage of identifying and responding to customer needs and wants and easily incorporate VOC data into your customer service and product development

Chris Jones, Manager of Analytics, Intuit, Inc


Industry Technology Power Panel


The world's leading minds from the unstructured text analytics space will discuss the very latest issues, the forthcoming challenges and what is driving the ongoing need for text-focused products

Technology update: Get up to date on the very latest technology capabilities and ensure you’re ahead of your competitors as this industry leading panel covers the latest from text mining solutions

Technology debate: Which technologies are the best? Why is it so difficult to produce a converged solution?  Where will the most practical applications be for future breakthroughs in the technology?

Technology forecast: Where will the capabilities be next year? How quickly are solutions being outdated? What do I need to know about tomorrow's technology to make my decisions more effective today?

Olivier Jouve, Vice President, Corporate Development , SPSS
David Bean, Founder and CTO, Attensity
Justin Langseth, President and CTO, Clarabridge
Claire G Thomas, Sr. Product Manager Business Objects, an SAP company
Larry Levy, CEO, Jodange

Moderator: Seth Grimes, President, Alta Plana


Customizing Text Analytics By Industry

Northern Light will illustrate the benefits and difficulties of providing text analytics in different industries.  Examples featuring meaning extraction will be presented from real-world case studies.

David Seuss, CEO of Northern Light


Lunch Break


Expert Analyst Panel


Join leading analysts as they discuss the most pressing issues affecting the text analytics space today. This is your unrivalled opportunity to hear from the people who sit on the fence

  • Convergence of text with other technologies: What benefits will it really bring the industry? Who will be the first users? Who will offer the technology? When will it be available?
  • Search & Mining: How much of an importance does search play in text mining? Can search technologies be used to increase the capabilities of text mining?
  • New Applications: Which new application areas are being created for text analytics technologies? How will businesses benefit? What is next for the future of text technologies? 

Sue Feldman, IDC
Fern B Halper, Hurwitz and associates
Seth Grimes, Alta Plana
Nick Patience 451 Group

Moderator: Olivier Jouve, SPSS


Attensity Presentation


Learn about the state of the art analysis of unstructured customer feedback data found online (web forums, blogs) and inside companies (service notes, emails, surveys)

· Understand what First Person Intelligence is and drill into examples of the unbelievably valuable information locked away in your text

· Ever heard of anaphora resolution? Find out about how certain linguistic approaches can get you to accurate and actionable data

· David is one of the world's leading innovators in natural language processing and computational linguistics, and is a professor on the topic at the University of Utah

Dr. David L. Bean, Co-Founder and CTO of Attensity


Afternoon Coffee Break



End User Track

1. Voice Of The Customer

  • Learn why your business needs to implement text technologies to understand the voice of your customer
  • Find out why the demand for these kinds of applications is so high and evaluate what is happening in the market now
  • Discover how you can successfully deploy voice of the customer solutions within your organization for actionable results and proven ROI

Fern B Halper, Senior Analyst, Hurwitz and associates

2. Understanding True Customer Sentiment Using Text Analytics

  • Understand the process Charles Schwab went through to select a text analytics vendor
  • Learn why Schwab thinks it is important to understand varied shades of customer sentiment – not just positive and negative
  • Gain insight into the value Schwab expects from their text analytics implementation

Guy Bayes, Director, Marketing Information Technology, Charles Schwab

Catherine Lee, Director, Advanced Analytics, Charles Schwab

3. Hear How Maritz Research Have Used Text Analytics Tools To Turn Their Unstructured Customer Data Into Valuable Market Intelligence

Understand the process involved in analyzing vast amounts of unstructured text for successful deployment in your organization

Evaluate and analyze the customer insight gained, the provable ROI received and take away a blueprint for budget justification in your organization

Michael House, Division Vice President, Analytical Services, Maritz research

Technical/Business track

1. Connecting People And Products In A Database To Unstructured Text

  • Learn the key differences between finding names of people and products versus connecting those names to database ID's
  • Understand the three major difficulties encountered in linking:
    Ambiguity of reference, unknown aliases and ambiguity of type
  •  Explore state-of-the-art approaches to resolving the problem which span machine learning to rule based systems

Breck Baldwin, President, Alias-i

2. The Competitive Landscape of Text Analytics

  • Discover which Text Analytics markets are hot today and why?
  • Understand which segments are poised for future expansive growth and maintain a competitive advantage.
  • Evaluate which kinds of companies are doing best at addressing which market areas and stay ahead of the curve

Curt Monash President, Monash Research

3. Online Media Analysis: Combining Search And Text Analysis To Create A Highly Interactive Solution For Sentiment And Topic Analysis

Understand how to integrate sentiment and topic detection technology to create a solution that offers immediate web feedback on products, technologies, and events to discover hot topics in your market

Learn how to explore your company's product reputation amongst customers and opinion leaders, and detect changes in opinion over time.

Discover the challenges in text analytics and search IBM faced when building this solution as well as business requirements and customer feedback.

Thomas Hampp, OmniFind and UIMA Development,
IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH


Roundtable Discussions


Text Analytics News are proud to bring you a selection of small topic focused interactive discussions each comprising between 10 - 12 participants designed to enhance your practical know-how, learning and contacts in the space.  At the end of the session each table will present analysis and feedback from the discussions.

Voice of the customer Life Sciences
Sentiment Analysis
Media & Publishing
Competitive Intelligence
The low-down on vendors -- vendors not allowed to attend this session
E-Discovery & Compliance Getting started -- a session for new-comers and old hands
Social media analysis & social networks Creating products & services -- a session for solution providers


NETWORKING COCKTAIL PARTY Join your peers for an evening of networking at the Text Analytics Summit 2008 Cocktail party

Day 1 | Day 2

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Day 2- June 17

8.50 am

Chairmans Welcome

Seth Grimes, President, Alta Plana


Why Data Warehouses Need Unstructured Data: KeyNote Session

  • Hear working definitions of structured, unstructured, semi-structured and complex-structured data, plus how manifestations of these relate across the data continuum
  • Learn how users surveyed plans to complete data warehouse content by integrating data from unstructured sources, not just structured ones
  • Understand the role of text analytics and search in completing or complementing data warehouse content
  • Discover why a data warehouse is a single version of the truth - but not the whole truth 

Philip Russom, Senior Manager, TDWI Research


The Real Benefits Of Text Mining


Understand how Text Mining can help companies leverage all the unstructured information they have about products, services, competitors, and customers to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Discover how SPSS' Text Mining leverages theirdata mining platform to enable companies to rapidly analyze unstructured information for better decision making

Evaluate the innovations SPSS has introduced in the field of Text Mining and analyze the analyst view of the text mining market and the use cases, best practices, and returns achieved by SPSS customers

Olivier Jouve, Vice President, Corporate Development, SPSS
Rebecca Wettemann, Vice President, Nucleus Research


Commercial End User Panel


Gain exclusive insight from the largest commercial end users as they discuss how Text Mining technologies are being deployed across their industries, the benefits they have seen and what they want from solutions over the next twelve months

Blueprint for success:  Take away exclusive insight, best strategies and hints and tips for successful deployment of text technologies within your organization for proven ROI and actionable results

Exclusive customer mindshare: How do applications differ across various industry's?  How can current solutions better meet the needs of the end user? When will vendors offer converged solutions? Where else can end users apply the technology?

Your customer: What are the most important functions of text mining solutions today? What could be mined more effectively? How are text analytics solutions selected?

Tony Bodoh, Gaylord Hotels
Chris Jones, Manager of Analytics, Intuit, Inc
Chris Bowman, Superintendent, City of Baker School System, Louisiana                                                                                                  Michael House, Division VP, Maritz research
Aafia Chaudhry
, MD President, 81qd

Moderator: Seth Grimes, President, Alta Plana


Morning Coffee Break


leveragingThe Voice Of the Customer - Improving Operational Efficiency and Customer loyalty with speech and text analytics


Leveraging multidimensional Interaction Analytics to enhance data-driven business decisions

* Increase operational efficiency

* Improve customer loyalty and retention

* Enhance sales and marketing effectiveness

Russell Mandelik, Sales Manager, NICE Interaction Analytics


Speech Analytics Combined With Text Analytics Delivers A Complete View Of Customer/Agent Interactions

  • Discover what features and functionalities companies should be looking for in a speech analytics solution
  • Learn how speech analytics goes a step beyond text analytics by adding valuable voice and acoustic data into the mix for a comprehensive approach to mining customer/agent data
  • Understand how collectively the solutions can provide a 360 degree view of each interaction so companies can discover why customers are contacting them and how agents are responding, enabling organizations to improve business operations

Cliff LaCoursiere,  SVP, Business Development & Co-Founder
CallMiner, Inc

Text Analytics for Social Media Analysis


Social Media Analysis: Present and Future


Evaluate and analyze the various approaches to modelling and mining social media and discuss immediate challenges for next generation systems

Understand why Applications of social media analysis have shown a lot of promise in the last five years, and how these systems are now delivering actionable results

Discover the technical, product design and marketing challenges Microsoft have faced in the creation of this system and understand what form next generation systems need to take

Matthew Hurst, Senior Scientist, Microsoft Live Labs




Optimizing Pharmaceutical Life Cycle Management Planning Through Text Analytics


Explore the challenges and advantages of natural language processing as a unique approach to uncovering knowledge regarding physician sentiment peer-to peer influence networks, and review the extrapolations to innovation adoption in within healthcare systems.

Learn how the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies are applying text analytics to delineate patterns and networks of influence through opinion leadership science.

Understand how text analytics can be applied at stages of life cycle management planning to optimize clinical and commercial strategic planning, ultimately enhancing ROI.

Aafia Chaudhry, MD, President, 81qd

13.35 - 14.35



Join Clarabridge's Justin Langseth and Best Buy's Jared Andersen as they attempt to break the text mining deployment speed record, by setting up a full Clarabridge end-to-end enterprise text mining system in under 1 hour. Live in front of the audience, Langseth with demonstrate how to install text mining software, connect it to a source of unstructured data, setup an unstructured data workflow, run the workflow, establish categories, tune sentiment, set up reports and dashboards, and perform time series, sentiment, and root cause analysis.   While the data is being processed, Jared Andersen from Best Buy will brief the audience on why his company needs text analytics, and the value that it will provide to various groups within his organization.

This feat has never been attempted before, and will be performed live in front of the audience. Audience participation will be encouraged, questions will be taken at any time, and anything could happen. Due to the nature of this session, competitors will not be allowed to attend.



A Triangulated Approach To Text Analytics In Market Research:

  • Hear how to leverage advances in text mining with psychological content analysis and qualitative research techniques
  • Learn how state of the art text analytics solutions allow you to leverage unstructured consumer information trapped in online forums and blogs
  • Discover how you can identify common themes and patterns within vast quantities of online posts as well as unique discussions typically dismissed by human analysts to fully understand your target customer

Kate Niederhoffer, Vice President, Measurement Science,
Nielsen Buzz metrics


Text mining and social networks - the black gold of the 21st century

  • Discover how text mining tools can leverage the untapped source of market intelligence within social networks to gain a competitive advantage
  • Extrapolate valuable information from social network interactions and large data flows and enable your company to launch new products and services into the marketplace at greater speed and at significantly lower cost
  • Hear how this knowledge can enable businesses to compete more efficiently and more effectively in highly competitive marketplaces

Andrew Bernstein, President, Cymfony


Visual analytics, text mining and automated knowledge discovery in Pharma

  • Hear how Merck uses advanced visual analytics to make faster decisions which deliver the required information in a record time
  • Evaluate how Merck obtains quantitative assessment using automated target discovery to save time and resources… Make sure you do the same!
  • Find out how automatic mapping and advanced visual analytics are applied for analysis of intellectual assets putting Merck at the forefront of their competitors.

Luca Toldo, Research Knowledge Management, Merck KGaA


Afternoon coffee break


Turbo Charged Review: Can You Afford Not To Use Text Analytics For E-Discovery?


Discover how Meaning-based Computing technologies, including keyword and conceptual search, legal hold policy management, automated categorization and analytics, have evolved to help reduce the burden of e-Discovery

Evaluate state of the art technology developments in discovery automation as well as common concerns regarding defensibility, cost and control over maturing search and retrieval methodologies

Find out what the recommended best practices are for use of new technologies in eDiscovery and what it takes to set the bar high and overcome objections to adoption

Ian Black, Head of Global Operations, Autonomy Group


Accounting For Words, Text Analytics For The Internal Auditor

  • Find out how text technologies can help you evaluate a companies financial condition and help you identify and manage enterprise risk
  • Learn how these powerful tools could represent a sea change in accounting practice
  • Hear how text analytics promises to transform how today’s internal auditors and compliance officers define the scope of their data reviews
  • Vincent Walden, Ernst and Young

Vincent Walden, Senior manager fraud investigation and disputes,
Ernst and Young


Text Analytics Streamlining E-discovery Capabilities


Understand how Huron Consulting Group are able to generate significantly faster results than competitors because of its streamlined approach to the e-discovery process using advanced text analytics technologies

Learn how Huron Consulting Group incorporate meaning-based computing technology that actually comprehends the content of electronic documents for more accurate and relevant search results

Discover how this allows Huron to take the computerized aspect of the review service far beyond the keyword searching currently available in the industry to deliver comprehensive results in a fraction of the time and gain a competitive advantage

Christopher Getner,  Managing Director, Huron Consulting Group


Text Mining In Tourism Blogs And Evaluation Platforms

  • Understand the potential of unstructured data trapped in Blogs and evaluation platforms from the perspective of the travel industry
  • Discover how to leverage the vast amounts of text available through these platforms for market intelligence and competitive advantage
  • Hear how Krems Research has developed a text mining approach using heavily computational linguistic methods for automatically analyzing those texts to provide reports about changes and negative/positive utterances

Dr. Klemens Waldhör, Krems Research


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